Ardesio, Bergamask Orobie Park

MappaArdesio, Bergamask Orobie Park

This park was created thanks to the regional law of 1990 and covers about 63,000 hectares along the southern slope of the Orobie chain.
This natural reserve is managed by a consortium which includes the Province and the three mountain communities situated within the park.
This very wide area, which is surrounded by Mount Legnone, Mount Glenoand Pizzo della Presolana, includes many different mountain environments where you can still find traces of the ancient forest-pastoral culture.The mountain cabins, the Summer mountain pastures, the ancient mining villages still prove the millenary symbiosis between man and nature.
The various routes stretching within the park are suitable for almost everyone. The most interesting one is the High Route of Mounts Orobie,which allows you to make contact with nature and the culture of the Bergamask Mounts Orobie in only a few days.

In the park you will find mountains ranging from 2000 to 3000 m above sealevel and deep valleys feeding the main Bergamask rivers. Woods range from broadleaves and chestnut-trees (600-900 m above sea level) to theancient beech-woods (900-1100 m) and to firs and larches (1100-1900 m).At higher altitudes you will find pastures and meadows just below therupicolous and nival area.
You can also find many charming lakes (about 200), scattered along the Orobie peaks.

You will also find lots of animals like eagles, snow-grouses, ravens, chamoises and rock-goats.

Geographical facts:
Surface: ha 68.878
Altimetrical information: max h 3050 m above sea level
Mounitain Communities: Valle Seriana Superiore, Valle Brembana, Valle di Scalve
Localities Ardesio, Averara, Azzone, Branzi, Camerata Cornello, Carona, Cassiglio, Castione della Presolana, Colere, Cusio, Dossena, Foppolo, Fino del Monte, Gandellino, Gorno, Gromo, Isola di Fondra, Lenna, Mezzoldo, Moio de' Calvi, Olmo al Brembo, Oltre il Colle, Oltressenda Alta, Oneta, Ornica, Parre, Piazza Brembana, Piazzatorre, Piazzolo, Premolo, Roncobello, Rovetta, San Giovanni Bianco, Santa Brigida, Schilpario, Serina, Taleggio, Valbondione, Valgoglio, Valleve, Valnegra, Valtorta, Vedeseta, Vilminore di Scalve.


City: Ardesio

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