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The "Colli di Bergamo" park was created in 1977 and covers more than 4000hectares. It includes about 10 municipalities situated to the north ofBergamo. These municipalities together with the Province, the ValleBrembana mountain community and the municipality of Bergamo (the site)make up the consortium managing the park.
This natural reserve stretches from the upper part of Bergamo to thecalcareous slopes of Mount Alto (1146 m above sea level). It includesmany particular hills, which are very interesting both from anaturalistic and from an architectural point of view.
The green areas stretching from the plain to the first mountains of theBergamask territory make up a whole with the country buildings, the smallchurches, the mule-tracks and the small flights of steps. Nowadays, as inthe past, the terraces of these hills are cultivated with difficulty byfarmers. Some woods cover the northern area of the reserve.
Historical monuments: the upper part of Bergamo, the St.Vigilio Medievalcastle and the abandoned Astino monastery.
Many routes follow the flights of steps, the roads (which are limitedupstream by dry walls and enriched with blind arches) and the paths,going over the hills (starting from "Colle Aperto" in the upper town). Inthe north you can go on typical mountain excursions, which offer widepanoramic views ranging from the plain to the Mounts Orobie, which areoften covered by snow.


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