Bergamo, Pinacoteca dell'Accademia Carrara

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MappaBergamo, Pinacoteca dell'Accademia Carrara

Established around 1870 (along with the art school still active today) on the initiative of Count Giacomo Carrara, the academy is today one of Italy's most important art galleries. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries it significantly increased its collection thanks to numerous donations by private owners. In this sense it is a unique example of a huge collection created by the private collecting of one city. It is an essential stopping off place for those who want to develop their knowledge about art, and not just Italian art, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. It can boast more than 1500 paintings and an extensive collection of prints, designs, bronzes, ceramics, porcelain, sculptures and miniatures (other curious works include Filippo Maria Visconti's 26 tarot cards, illuminated by Bonifacio Bembo). There is also a collection of works painted by the Venetian School from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century (Carpaccio, Tiziano, A. Vivarini, Lotto, Bellini, Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Bartolomeo Montagna, Paris Bardone and others). The exhibition continues on the second floor, in 15 rooms which follow a historical-chronological order, presenting masterpieces of the highest value, like: Pisanello "Ritratto di Lionello D'Este" (Portrait of Lionello D'Este); G. Bellini "Madonna col Bambino" (Madonna with Child); A. Mantegna "Madonna col Bambino"; Antonello da Messina "San Sebastiano" (St Sebastian); V. Foppa "I Tre Crocefissi" (The Three Crucifixes); Bergognone "Madonna"; L. Lotto "Ritratto di Giovanetto" (Portrait of a young man) and "Nozze Mistiche di Santa Caterina" (Mystical Wedding of St. Catherine); G. Cariani "Musicanti" (Musicians); G.B. Moroni "Ritratti" (Portraits); Fra Galgario "Ritratti"; Tiepolo "Bozzetti" (Sketches). A number of rooms on the first floor of the academy building, which can be visited on request, invoke the look of the first nineteenth-century collections. Another display that deserves mentioning is a group of paintings by former students and teachers of the Academy's art school.


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