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Located in the lower Val Brembana, about twenty kilometres from Bergamo, San Pellegrino is a renowned spa resort, thanks to the acknowledged curative properties of its water. The tourist development of this town only occurred after 1700 though, when a renovated road network made it easier to be reached. At the start of the 1900s San Pellegrino experienced a thriving development linked to the spa cures; this favoured the construction of many of the buildings that today confer on the town its characteristic Liberty look, typical of the Central European " villes d'eau". The most eminent example of this tendency in San Pellegrino is certainly the Grand Hotel, which still welcomes many tourists today, but the contemporary Palazzo della Fonte and the Casino' also contribute to the definition of the town's look, as shown by directors like Federico Fellini. The town is also a convenient departure point for hikes to discover the countryside of the Val Brembana and its beauty; alternatively, a short but agreeable journey on a characteristic funicular railway leads to La Vetta, a hamlet of San Pellegrino and to its natural terrazza. Lastly, it should be noted that San Pellegrino houses the Museo brembano di scienze naturali, with an interesting collection of fossils that provide proof of human origins in the valley that date back millenia.


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