Provaglio d'Iseo, San Pietro in Lamosa

MappaProvaglio d'Iseo, San Pietro in Lamosa

The Monastery of St. Peter in Lamas has very old origins and was built where there probably was once a pagan temple dedicated to the oriental god Misters, who personified the Sun. The Romanesque bastilles, which are still visible at the sides of the central apse, belong to the original church, which in 1083 was donated to the Cluniac monks. They gave the monastery its present appearance (12th C.). It was the task of the local Cluniac monks to give offering to the poor and lodging to the pilgrims, but with the loosening of control by the mother-house of Cluny, episodes of “bad government” increased: in 1261, prior Giovanni, acquired too many debts and dealt with them by carelessly renting the property of the monastery. He also appointed some monks who had interests other than that of following the Benedectine rule of “ora et labora”. In 1536 the monastery became property of the canon regulars of St. Salvatore in Brescia. The church was enlarged with the addition (1555) of the chapel left of the portal. The umbrella shaped vault is frescoed with images of the Evangelists and Doctors of the Church and, in the lunettes, Sybils and Prophets. Among the frescoes there is one dated 1456, representing abbot St. Anthony between St. Benedict and St. Peter the Martyr, with a Gothic dedication. Below this, there is a Deposition in which we note a “Nordic” cross, made from a horizontal beam supported by two posts.


City: Provaglio d'Iseo
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