Como, Basilica of Saint Abbondio

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MappaComo, Basilica of Saint Abbondio

Masterpiece of the Comacini Masters, S. Abbondio church is one of the most important examples of the Romasque style in Lombardy. It stands on the site of an early Christian church devoted to SS. Pietro and Paolo, that was the town cathedral. The Basilica was built during the XI century and consecrated by Pope Urbano II in 1095. A Benedictine monastery, whose beautiful cloister has been preserved, stood close to it and for many centuries St. Abbondio had been a centre for studies and culture. It suffered considerable damages during the years, but the restoration works of the XIX and XX centuries gave the church its original aspect. Its fa├žade is divided into declining sectors showing the inside division into aisles and a beautiful apse, which outside is embellished with small columns and small arches. The two church towers represent a Northern stylistic characteristic. The high interior is divided into five aisles ending into the deep presbytery enclosed by the polygonal main apse rich in beautiful frescoes of the 14th century. These frescoes depict stories of Christ, dominated by St. Pietro, Our Lady, the Redeemer, John the Baptist and St. Paolo. Among the other 16th century frescoes there are a beautiful Assunta by Cerano and a Miracle of St. Abbondio, probably by the Recchi brothers.


Epoca/stile: XI sec.
Address: Via Regina Teodolinda
City: Como

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