Campione d'Italia

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An Italian island that measures less than a square kilometre and situated in the Swiss territory, half way between the Como and Lugano borders: the small enclave named Campione d’Italia is surely worth a visit as for the beauty of its landscape on the shores of the Ceresio, as well as for its ancient artistic tradition that has left traces of great significance.
It was donated in the VIII century to the abbots of Sant’Ambrogio from Milano and for about a decade it was land belonging to the church. Since then Campione is definitely an Italian enclave in a foreign land. In this charming frame, art and history go together with the refined worldliness and nightlife of the Casinò Municipale. The Casino attracts an international clientele, not only for gambling but also for its shows and prestigious galas.
Among the artistic works we have to mention the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Ghirli, created by the Maestri Campionesi, set in an enchanting position directly on the lake and preceded by a splendid stairway.
The church is rich in valuable frescos, the majority works by the Campionesi maestro, Isidoro Bianchi.


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