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The Duomo was built between the end of 1300 and the mid 1700s, on top of a former church dedicated to Santa Maria Maggiore. It is a real gem which is a fusion of different architectural styles: starting from the late Gothic with the structure up to the Renaissance style of the façade. The “Duomo’s Fabbrica” ended with the impressive baroque dome by the famous architect Juvarra in 1744. Inside it is divided into three naves by 10 pillars and precious, end of XVI century tapestries, originating from the Ferrara, Florence and Anversa workshops. Among the most important works of art, note: the paintings of Gaudenzio Ferrari's Marriage of the Virgin (Altar of St. Joseph, in the left aisle), Bernardino Luini's Adoration of the Magi (Altar of St. Abbondio, in the right aisle) and close to this, the Raimondi Altarpiece (Altar of St. Jerome); Morazzone's Banner of St. Abbondio (under the right organ), a precious work of painting and lacing. Among the marble sculptures, the 18th century High Altar, some works by the Rodari such as The Deposition (in the left aisle, on the fourth altar), a polyptych on the Altar of St. Lucia (in the right aisle) and the side-door carvings in the interior. The lateral naves have several altars, among which, the most precious is without a doubt S. Abbondio’s altar, from the early 1500’s; an extraordinary wooden “ancona” curved and gilded, which illustrates episodes from the Patron Saint of Como’s life.
The superb façade designed by Fiorino da Bontà, are magnificent statues, principally sculptured by the Rodari Brothers. Especially astounding are the two podiums representing the two renowned Como citizens, Plinio the Young and Plinio the Old, who lived in the Roman era.


Epoca/stile: XIV-XVII sec.
Address: Piazza Duomo
City: Como

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