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The Isola Comacina is slightly longer then 600 metres, it is the island of Lake Como. It preserves the ruins of its illustrious past from when it used to be called “Crisopoli” which means city of Gold (or maybe “city of the Christ”).
Five churches were built on this island, destroyed in the XII century after a violent battle with Como’s inhabitants. Today this island is uninhabited, but it is a destination for many tourists that go to the famous restaurant or take a walk along the footpaths which lead to the ancient ruins.
The Locanda (inn) that challenges destiny on the isola Comacina-
The curse goes back to 1169 when the Isola Comacina was destroyed by Como’s inhabitants and Vidulfo, Bishop of Como at the time, threw his curse on this small enemy island, “The bells shall never ring again, shall never again build stone on stone, no one will ever again be host, the punishment shall be an atrocious death”.
The island was abandoned over time and no innkeeper dared to contest the middle aged curse until the 50’s, when Lino Nessi – known as “Cotoletta”– decided to challenge destiny. Even though his two business partners died, he opened the Locanda dell’ Isola Comacina and listened to the suggestions of the English female writer Francis Dale who suggested an exorcism ritual to him against Vidulfo’s curse. Since then each meal, which has a unique menu with inspired by the vegetables of the season ends with “il rito del fuoco” (the fire ritual) and the preparation of a mix containing acquavite (Italian spirit), sugar and coffee which is offered to the guests accompanied by the ringing of the bell.


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