Ossuccio, Sacred Mount of Ossuccio

MappaOssuccio, Sacred Mount of Ossuccio

On the western shore of Lake Como, the clear monumental construction of the sacred Monte and of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso in Ossuccio undoubtedly stands out. On the slopes of the hill which dominate the wonderful “Zoca de l’Oli” inlet, in front of the Isola Comacina, are 14 chapels dedicated to the Misteri del Rosario (Mysteries of the Rosary), built between 1635 and 1714, along a winding pathway which leads to the Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin. These precious small Baroque temples were decorated with stuccos and frescos and completed by approximately 230 big statues made by the artists of the Scuola Intelvese. It is a spectacular path of faith that fits and integrates perfectly in the surrounding scenery among the centennial olive trees and the sweet terraces formed by the earth. Little more than a kilometre’s walk allows you to reach the height of 419 metres where the Sanctuary rises with its unique nave which preserves on the altar the 15th Mistero (Mystery), represented by the group of sculptures of the Incoronazione di Maria.
The historical and artistic importance of this complex attracted “UNESCO” in 2003 who declared it as a “Patrimonio dell’ Umanità” (Heritage of Humanity).


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