Como, Silk Museum

MappaComo, Silk Museum

The Silk Museum, opened in 1990, is an important part of the silk history in Como. The museum is a tangible representation of the continuity between past and present of an industry that maintains a supremacy over the whole world. The museum, located in the same building as the textile school of silk, is approximately 900m sq in area. Moving through the various rooms in this building it is possible experience the journey of this precious material, from the silkworm to the final product. In the hall a factory entrance is reproduced, displaying precious timecard punchers.
The main room exhibits part of the silkworm culture and machinery used for the preparation of the material. A large spinning machine, historic handlooms and mechanical looms precede the dyeing works phase.
Afterwards there is the measure and control room with a wide collection of machines used to measure the spun weight and strength. Following this there is the chemical lab perfectly reproduced thanks to the historical furniture and instruments from the period.
The printing office is also very interesting: the colours kitchen, a printing table with a collection of wide wooden and metal “planches”, a hand printing table with squares, antique tracing papers and photoengraving gadgets. Cylinder printing is demonstrated by particular sampling machines and by finely engraved wooden and brass cylinders.
The last room is dedicated to the finishing stage of the fabric: there is a very interesting wooden machine which makes the moiré effect on the silk, a pleat making machine and an impressive Palmer from 1932.


City: Como

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