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MappaCremona, Civic Museum Ala Ponzone-Stradivariano

Set up in 1887, the museum has been housed since 1928 in Palazzo Affaitati (16th century). The original heart of the collection dates back to the will of Marquis Sigismondo Ala Ponzone (1842), who donated his private collection (paintings, archaeology, coins, ornithology).
The exhibits on display include paintings (from the Middle Ages to the 20th century), drawings, archaeological finds, a rich coin collection, local terracotta items (8th-17th century), wrought iron work, ivory, enamelware and ceramics. The Pinacoteca contains paintings by artists from around Cremona (13th-19th-century). Also here, there are fine collections of terracotta, ceramics, enamelware, ivory and wrought iron work. The Tesoro del Duomo includes precious illuminated corals, while the section dedicated to the Italian Risorgimento contains around 23,000 coins from all historical periods.
The Museo Civico also contains sections on archaeology and Stradivarius, which are also housed in Palazzo Affaitati, and two outside sections: those dedicated to country life and natural history.
Among the works in the Pinacoteca, particular mention should be made of the "Enthroned Madonna with St Thomas and St George" by Benedetto Bembo, The "Coronation of the Virgin", by Bonifacio Bembo and the works of two artists from Cremona, Boccaccio and Camillo Boccaccino. There are also important works by Luigi Miradori, known as Genovesino (1600/10-1654/57) and the Campi brothers.
The Museo Stradivariano was set up as a specialised and independent section, relatively recently, in 1979, the year in which it moved to its current premises. Previously it was situated inside the Museo Civico Ala Ponzone in Palazzo Affaitati and, for some time, at the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria at Palazzo dell'Arte (1956-1973).
The museum collection of 700 includes artefacts and tools from the workshop of the maestro, donated to the city of Cremona by the violin maker Giuseppe Fiorini. Working tools, drawings and models for the construction of instruments give an idea of the activity of the famous violin maker. Alongside the fundamental heart of the Fiorini donation and the objects coming from other donations, the collection includes instruments awarded first prize in the various editions of the International Triennial for stringed instruments.


Address: Via Ugolani Dati, 4
City: Cremona
ZIP: 26100
Phone: +39 0372 31222

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