Lake Maggiore or Verbano

MappaLake Maggiore or Verbano

Lake Maggiore or Verbano is one of the large alpine glacier lakes and the second largest Italian lake. It is situated in both the Province of Varese (Lombardy side) and the Province of Novara (Piedmont side) and its northern tip reaches Swiss territory. The lake is fed by the Ticino River, which flows into it in Locarno and flows out in Sesto Calende.
Many of the towns on the lakefront belonged to the Borromeo family domain and the main historic-artistic attractions spread out in the characteristic lake villages, such as the Angera fortress, are relative to this family. The awe-inspiring Monastery of Santa Caterina del Sasso of Leggiuno, is absolutely unique for the particular position it is in and offers a spectacular view of the Borromee Islands. The mild climate contributes to the tourism vocation of the area and favours the presence of various flower species typical of the lower altitudes. There is the possibility of practising various aquatic and non-aquatic sports both on the lake and inland, such as sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, hiking, hand-gliding and horse-riding. However, for those wanting to relax on vacation, Lake Maggiore also offers more restful alternatives such as the pleasure of admiring a soothing scenario by stopping in one of the shore establishments on the coast.

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