Civate, San Pietro al Monte

MappaCivate, San Pietro al Monte

Among the most significant remains of the Romanesque style is the remarkable basilica of San Pietro al Monte and the oratory of San Benedetto in Civate, one of the greatest Romanesque architectural monuments in Lombardy which can only be reached after an hour’s walk along a mule track. The first documents concerning this community date back to the VIII century. The present building of the basilica of San Pietro consists of two separate parts: the actual church and a small oratory dedicated to San Benedetto. In San Pietro visitors can admire splendid stucco-work and XII century frescoes, which represent a priceless testimony of Lombard art during those centuries. The church of San Pietro dates back to the mid XI century and can be reached by steps, built in a later period to the original structure. Inside the church there are sculptures, paintings and stucco-works, which can be traced back between the XI and the XII century. They show the advent of the Apocalypse and the Day of Judgement. Over the main entrance there is a fresco depicting Jesus giving the book to Saint Peter and the keys to Saint Paul. Over the eastern apse a fresco of the return of Christ at the end of time stands out, as well as the defeat of the dragon of the Apocalypse. To the sides of the nave two stairways lead to the crypt where you can find representations in stucco-work of the life of Christ and Mary. Almost opposite San Pietro there is the oratory of San Benedetto, thought to be built in the same period as the Basilica. Inside there is a rare example of frescoed altar on three sides, the work of local artists (X-XII sec).


Epoca/stile: Romanico
City: Civate

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