Colico, Abbazia di Piona

MappaColico, Abbazia di Piona

The Piona Abbey stands in a wonderful position at the end of the Olgiasca peninsula, overlooking the lake with the same name: this is one of the most famous monuments on the lake for its historical, architectural and also environmental value. The history of Piona begins in 610 A.C., when an oratory was founded on the peninsula, dedicated to Santa Giustina. In 1138 it was consecrated next to the ruins of another Romanesque building, of which only the apse remained. In the XVI century began an unstoppable decline and deterioration of the abbey. In the XVIII century it became private property and was used as a farmstead. The restoration began in the XX century: it was bought by the Rocca Family and was given in 1937 to the Benedictine Cistercian congregation of Casamari and little by little the building began to return to its original splendor.
In the Sixties it became an Abbey. The nave has marble lions and frescoes dating from the XII century. We enter the Abbey through the stunning cloister at the side built in 1275 in a combination of the Romanesque and Gothic style, surrounded by refined columns and decorated with paintings from different periods. The complex is entrusted to the Cistercian monks who distil excellent liqueurs and herbs infusions.


Address: località Piona
City: Colico

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