Mantova, Palazzo Ducale

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The imposing architectural complex of the Duke’s Palace, which has been used as a museum for over a century, was residence of the Gonzagas between 1328 and 1707. Over time the Gonzagas added other buildings to the oldest constructions of Palazzo del Capitano and Magna Domus, which overlook Piazza Bordello: the buildings of Domus Nova, Apartment of Troy, Corte Nuova, a palatine church dedicated to St. Barbara, as well as gardens and inside squares were added, with the ultimate result of almost building a town inside the town. The palace has extraordinary pictorial evidence, ranging from the hall frescoed by Pisanello (1432-1438) with episodes from the stories of King Arthur, to the "Camera Picta" realized by Andrea Mantegna (1465-1474) in a room of the Castle of San Giorgio, up to the frescoes by Giulio Romano in the Apartment of Troy; worth mentioning is also the Gallery of the Exhibition, which originally had several paintings from the rich collection that would then be dispersed, the apartment of Duke Vincenzo with valuable wooden ceilings coming from Palazzo di San Sebastiano, then the halls, whose decorations were renewed during the 18th century (Galleria degli Specchi, Sala dei Fiumi and Stanze degli Arazzi, where the tapestries woven in the Flanders in the 16th century based on Raphael’s drawing were accommodated). The museum exhibition, which develops on the entire main floor of the stately architectural complex, also shows very important paintings (canvases by Rubens, Fetti, Viani, Bazzani and other masters from Mantua), a large series of Roman sculptures partly coming from Sabbioneta, as well as numerous detached frescoes and stone and terracotta objects coming from demolished city buildings.


Address: Piazza Sordello, 40
City: Mantova
Phone: 0376 224832
Fax: 0376 224822 - 366274

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