Monza, National Racetrack, Monza

MappaMonza, National Racetrack, Monza

Not everyone knows that the park in Monza (the location of the racetrack) was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805, based on the model of great French parks such as Versailles. The racetrack, which came to world attention as early as 1922, has 3 tracks, terraces, stands, race management offices, warehouses, a restaurant, a filling station, 2 signal towers, an efficient pit complex, as well as a medical centre, an Olympic pool and a track for model cars.
The racetrack in Monza is open year round to visitors (except for the Christmas season) from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. Access is from Vedano al Lambro and, during events, also from Biassono/Santa Maria alle Selve. It is possible to take a drive on the circuit in your own car (following parameters set by the Italian Highway Code) in December, January and February (on specific pre-established dates indicated on the official website): the cost is €40 each half hour.


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