Monza, Santa Maria del Carrobiolo

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The church of Santa Maria del Carrobiolo – located on an area that had previously hosted a pagan cemetery – was built around 1260 to host the order of the Humiliati. In the 13th century, the house of the Humiliati was one of the most important of the order in Monza, it managed the caneva (commodities warehouse) and has a subsidiary in Milan, at Porta Nuova. Following the suppression of the Order, in 1571, the church was assigned to the Barnabites. Of the original medieval building, the bell tower and the outer walls remain. The bell tower has remained intact since 1240), and the outer walls are made of bricks, as is the lively and elegant series of 18th-century religious frescoes facing the square. Inside the church, the nave vault was frescoed by painter Andrea Porta and by quadraturist painters Giovan Battista and Gerolamo Grandi, with a Glory of St Agatha and Glory of Angels (1707-1709). The walls feature important paintings of the Lombard school; on the right the Adoration of the Magi and the Adoration of the Shepherds by Moncalvo, a Holy Family and Saints by a follower of Morazzone. On the left, the Madonna of the Milk by Simone Peterzano.


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