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The Oltrepo Gianni Brera saw the outline of a bunch of grapes in the geographical shape of the Oltrepò. However, it is not only the wine or other gastronomic delights such as the Varzi salami or "coppa" that renders a holiday to this land sweet and pleasurable. The hills that delimit the territory starting from the Po in the north, find the Apennines as their southern border; so all one has to do is follow the mountain paths, such as the ancient Via del sale (salt route), which has always been used by the local population to communicate and trade with the neighbouring people from Liguria and Emilia, to find a true natural balcony on the pianura padana (padana plains), from where the view, looking towards the north, arrives all the way to the Ortles-Cividale alpine mountains. Certainly, also in the past centuries, the qualities of the Oltrepo had to be well known, and this is another reason why today this land is not valuable only for its splendid landscape, made up of sweet hills covered with thick oak and chestnut groves, or for the quality of its products, but even for its historic-artistic heritage. Visiting Voghera, the most populated centre, Stradella, Varzi and the many other little villages of the Oltrepo reserves many pleasurable surprises: the signs of the middle ages are quite evident in the monuments such as the Oramala Castle or the Malaspina tower in Varzi, but it is also common to run into Romanesque abbeys and even archaeological sites such as the one on Mount Vallassa, a proof of the centuries old history of these lands.

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