Castello Cabiaglio, Parco Naturale Regionale Campo dei Fiori

MappaCastello Cabiaglio, Parco Naturale Regionale Campo dei Fiori

The Campo dei Fiori Regional Park, situated next to Varese, dominates a hilly area offering splendid panoramic views of the city. Established in 1984, it extends over 5,400 hectares, between Lake Varese and Valcuvia and goes all the way up the 1,226 metres of Monte Tre Croci. The park contains different points of interest. It is attractive to nature enthusiasts owing to its dense woods of beech, spruce and larch in the higher altitudes and chestnut trees lower down. It provides a refuge for red deer, roe deer and moles as well as many birds of prey. It is in addition, of great interest both for the splendid views it offers over the plain below and onto the city of Varese from the well-maintained and easily traversable paths which cross it, and also for its artistic and cultural heritage.
In the park there are different buildings of great historical and architectural value; Sacro Monte with its splendid sequence of chapels following a route which ends at the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, and the Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori, one of the greatest masterpieces of Varese Art Nouveau by Giuseppe Sommaruga; more towards the edge of the park is the Birreria Poretti, a splendid example of art nouveau style applied to an industrial complex, and the San Gemola Abbey in Genna, one of the greatest examples of medieval religious architecture in Varese.


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