Lake Varese

MappaLake Varese

Situated in a wonderful geopraphical position at the foot of the massif of Campo dei Fiori, it is 8.8 km long and 4.5 km wide. Travelling the first part of the Varese-Milan motorway you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views, a wide, green basin which houses the lake, scattered with villas and settlements which blend into the landscape.
The massif of Campo dei Fiori declines with a light slope towards the lake, with the Alps as a background and, on clear days, Mount Rosa stands out clearly and looks very close. Rising from the centre of the lake is the small and peculiar Isola Virginia. An important lake-dwelling, a thousand years old, where well preserved tools, furnishings and jewels were discovered.
Main centres on Lake Varese: Varese (Schiranna, Capolago, Calcinate del Pesce), Buguggiate, Azzate, Galliate Lombardo, Bodio Lomnago, Inarzo, Cazzago Brabbia, Biandronno, Bardello, Gavirate.

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