Masnago, Masnago Castiglioni Mantegazza Castle

MappaMasnago, Masnago Castiglioni Mantegazza Castle

The Masnago Castle complex, which stands on the southeast hillside overlooking Lake Varese, was built over several centuries. The tower is typical of fortresses built in the area between the 11th and 13th century. Its position made it possible to control the route below and directly overlooked both the keep at Velate and Sacro Monte Tower. In the 15th century, a castle was built against the east side of the tower. It has an L-shaped layout that constitutes the south and east sides of the current courtyard. Its use as a residential villa can also be seen in the series of early fifteenth-century frescoes that decorate the walls of the main rooms with scenes of court life. The fifteenth-century main body was completed three centuries later with the eighteenth-century villa that thus formed the characteristic “well-style” courtyard. In 1981, Masnago Castle became a Contemporary Art Gallery run by the Municipality of Varese. The most recent wing is used to house temporary exhibitions.


Epoca/stile: XI-XIII sec.
Address: Via Cola di Rienzo, 42
City: Masnago

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