Varese, Villa Menafoglio Panza museum

MappaVarese, Villa Menafoglio Panza museum

The Villa Litta Panza is located in the village of Biumo, a corner of Varese that also hosts residential homes like Villa Mozzoni and the Ponti villas. The magnificent garden surrounding this structure, commissioned in the second half of the 1700s by the Marquis Menafroglio and carried out by Luigi Canonica, seems to have successfully fulfilled the aims of the project "to make direct contact with the heavens". In creating the majestic tapestry of the garden, the designer attempted to artificially mask the surrounding landscape, islating and rendering almost eternal the space around the villa. One's fascination for the Villa Litta Panza is also thanks to, among others, the precious works of art it holds, including masterpieces of modern art, African art, and pre-Colombian art from the collection of Count Panza, owner of the property until 1996 when he donated it to the Foundation for the Italian Environment. There are also numerous works of environmental art created and installed by several American artists during their stays here.


Address: Piazzale Litta
City: Varese

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