Margherita di Savoia

MappaMargherita di Savoia

The municipality of Margherita di Savoia, one of the main thermal spa towns in the region, is located in the province of Foggia, in the part of Tavoliere that slopes down to the sea south of the Gargano headland. The town is mainly characterised by its saltpan, the largest in Europe, which leads to its chrome effect and unique scenery. The saltpan dates back to ancient times, the II century B.C., when the Illyr of Dalmatic origin reached the area and began embanking the area to evaporate salt water. The Regia Salina salt plant was also designed by the architect Vanvitelli who gave the saltpan its actual shape, which extends above what was once Salpi Lake.  The saltpan was declared a natural reserve by the state in 1977 and was recognised as a wetland of international interest where seasonal species of migratory birds nest. These birds include the pink Flamingo, the Great White Egret, the Curlew and the Cormorant. Once known as Saline di Barletta, the town was renamed Margherita di Savoia in honour of the Italian queen. Portale Turistico Istituzionale della Regione Puglia


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