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So called the “Holy City” for is numerous churches, convents and monasteries, Gerace a perfectly preserved medieval village, divided into Borgo Maggiore, Largo Piano, Borghetto and Città Alta. At the top of the Città Alta district there are the remains of a Castle and a splendid view that goes from the feet of Aspromonte to the sea. The tradition says that inside the castle there is grotto where S.Antonio lived, inside which there was a water spring that was considered miraculous. In Piazza Tribuna there is a byzantine-romanic-norman style Cathedral, the biggest masonry temple of Calabria; in Piazza delle tre Chiese there is S.Francesco church with a triple arabian-swabian arched window and a magnificent triumphal arch, finely inlayed polychrome marbles, and S.Giovanni Cristomo church, byzantine church for Calabria, that depends directly from the greek orthodox Metropolìa, and the Sacro Cuore church, with a baroque façade and portal and a dome “a coppo sporgente”. Going down towards the doors of the city there is the “walk of the Bombarde”, that allows to admire a unique view, and that extends for all the area of the Riviera, from Punta Stilo to Capo Spartivento (about 50km of coastline).

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